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About Knuckleball ag


Here at Knuckleball Ag we strive to make a positive impact on the agricultural community as well as the greater food system. We work to give farmers and ranchers tools to successfully run their operations with a focus on regenerative practices and animal welfare. We make positive change on the larger food system so that organizations can better support hard working farmers and ranchers who are making a difference.


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Our Philosophy

How do you cultivate and sustain client relationships? What can clients expect from you?

The main idea is to give someone something tangible about your process and way of caring for your business and clients.

Whole-system thinking, long term relationships.

Why is it inspiring to do this work? What changes would you most like to see in the world that come about based on your business and business like yours?

Earth Impact

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How we can help

Animal Welfare

Design and achieve low-stress grazing and handling conditions for pasture-based livestock.

Regenerative Agricultural Systems

Develop multi-year, full-farm holistic and regenerative management systems, including the integration of livestock into annual and perennial cropping systems.

Organic & Animal Welfare Certification

Certification support from application to compliance for Animal Welfare and USDA NOP Certified Organic.

Data Collection

Analyze soil composition and forage nutrition, evaluate livestock operations, soil maintenance practices and crop management, monitor soil moisture and pest management.

Improve Ecosystem Function

Harness the power of ecosystem services provided by wildlife on your farm utilizing owl nest boxes, raptor perches, insectivorous bird boxes, pollinator habitat and hedgerow plantings.

Utilize Our Network

We’ve worked with hundreds of different farms, ranchers, and suppliers. Let us help you source the appropriate products for your certified operation.

from our Clients:

“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Paul in developing new guidelines for ranchers at our Bay Area certified farmers’ markets. Paul’s practical experiences as both a rancher and livestock auditor are invaluable in helping to shape standards for integrity that will benefit our ranchers, market managers, and shoppers. Paul has proven he is a ‘systems thinker’ who wants to help setup our organization for long-term success.”

Andy Naja-Riese

Agricultural Institute of Marin

“Paul has a strong handshake to go with his strong work ethic. It’s been his “can do” attitude that’s carried us through the many challenges of transitioning in an Organic Certified operation. We couldn’t have done it without him!”

Keith Oesterling

Western States Ranches

“Park Farming Organics (PFO) has had the pleasure of doing business with Paul Glowaski for the past 6 years. Paul ‘s unique insight into animals has helped PFO incorporate grazing into our regenerative farm practices. Paul’s character and quiet wisdom is impactful by itself. Add expansive knowledge and you have a person you want to associate with. The future of regenerative agriculture has a great future with Paul sharing his wisdom.”

Scott and Brian Park

Park Farming Organics

Meet the Team

Paul Glowaski


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Molly Rose Jacobsen

Junior Advisor, Ecosystem Specialist

Molly Rose has been working in agriculture for over 10 years. An avid outdoors woman, Molly grew up with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and interconnectedness of the human and wild worlds. After getting her start as teen working at a feed and farm supply store in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Molly spent the next decade working for farms in varying roles, from field labor to farmers markets to CSA administrator. In 2014 she returned to school to study ecological agriculture, and received her Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies with a focus in Agroecology. She graduated with Highest Honors and received a Dean’s Award for her thesis work, studying bat community ecology in agricultural landscapes.

Molly moved to the Sierra Foothills in 2018, where she worked on various farms in both labor and management positions, and founded a small home orchard management company. Molly was trained in NOP organic crop production standards by the International Organic Inspectors Association in 2019, and since then has worked as an Organic Crop Inspector for CCOF.

Molly Rose joined the Knuckleball team in early 2022, where she has utilized her field experience and education in soil sciences and ecosystem function to complement Paul’s vast experience and skill set.

We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.”

– Wendell Berry

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